Malin Corporation

3D4 Medical sold at 10% premium

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  • Companies : Malin Corporation

Ratings and price correct at time of issue.

  • Malin Corporation

    Closing Price: 374c

  • RATING 29/09/15



Malin has announced the sale of 3D4 Medical for an estimated €45m/$50m, of which Malin will net cash proceeds of €17m. This sale is evidence of Malin executing on its strategy to realise cash returns from its ‘growth potential assets’ and the premium achieved should give comfort to investors on the fair value estimates applied to these assets. The cash proceeds strengthen Malin’s balance sheet and provide more capital to invest in ‘priority assets’, if required. Given Malin’s share price discount of 50% to the fair value per share of €7.9, the stock remains a compelling opportunity for investors.

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Nov 27 2019, 07:15 GMT