Aircraft Leasing

On stable footing for 2020

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  • Companies : Air lease | avation | AerCap Holdings | Aircastle


Ratings and price correct at time of issue

Company Rating Date Previous Rating Date Closing Price
AerCap Holdings OUTPERFORM 27/06/17 N/A N/A 5816c
Air lease OUTPERFORM 01/11/19 N/A N/A 4313c
Aircastle NEUTRAL 01/11/19 N/A N/A 3219c
avation OUTPERFORM 01/11/19 N/A N/A 318.0p


We expect AerCap and Air Lease to report solid Q4 results this week. Supported by the tone of cautious optimism from the aircraft leasing conference season, we also see robust outlooks for 2020 with profitable growth continuing to feature on both companies’ agendas. The coronavirus will weigh on travel demand in specific regions, but we think there is a compelling risk-reward balance at discounts of >20% to 12-month book values.

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Feb 10 2020, 12:50 GMT