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The Davy Irish Property Fund (DIPF) is a commercial property fund which is 100% invested in Irish property and available for investment by Qualifying Investors from Ireland and overseas as defined in the Information Memorandum. 

Interested parties can, on request, receive more information on Davy Irish Property Fund (DIPF) in the form of an Information Memorandum. This document does not contain all of the information that a prospective investor might reasonably require in considering an investment in the DIPF. It is strictly for information purposes only. The Information Memorandum should be read in conjunction with the Prospectus, Supplement and Key Information Document, which contain additional information needed to evaluate the Fund and provide important disclosures regarding risks, fees and expenses.

These documents are available from Davy, Davy House, 49 Dawson Street, Dublin 2. Investors are advised to read these documents prior to making an investment decision. Investors should note that the minimum subscription to DIPF is €100,000.

If you have any questions in regard to the Fund, please contact a member of our team. Real Estate Team