Greencoat Renewables (GRPG.I, GRP ID)

  • 878.4
  • 741.2
  • 100.0

    Closing Price (c): 118.5

  • RATING 24/08/17


Company Profile

Greencoat Renewables is a listed Irish renewables fund, brought to market in July 2017. It currently has a c.195MW onshore wind portfolio, which is likely to grow over the medium term. The fund expects to provide investors with an annual dividend that increases in line with inflation. It also aims to preserve the capital value of its investment portfolio through the reinvestment of excess cash flow and prudent use of gearing. Over the medium term, the fund will also consider offshore wind and solar opportunities, both in Ireland and in other European countries. The company is managed on a day-to-day basis by Greencoat Capital, an experienced investment manager with over 2bn of assets under management across a number of funds.

Major Shareholders%
Newton Investment Management 6.4
Baillie Gifford4.5
FIL Limited4.3
Ireland Strategic Investment Fund3.0